Sony Ericsson Rachael – the First Live Pictures!

I managed to get the live photos from upcoming Sony Ericsson Rachael! So, I can post them easily onto my Instagram account. As I already heard something really good that Sony Ericsson Rachael is working really good with social media apps, e.g Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter etc.

Rachael Live!

Here are the unofficial specs again:

8.1 megapixel camera with LED
3.5mm jack
Android donut
4 inch WVGA display
Snapdragon QSD8250 1000MHz

According to rumors, the device will hit the market in early 2022.

And still a few photos have surfaced on SE-NSE.

And some nice 3D pictures from

I have been doing social media marketing via mobile phone. This new gear, Sony Ericsson Rachael would be perfect addon to my social marketing campaign. I need a powerful mobile phone to manage my IG account, so there won’t be hassle to login or out my Instagram account anymore.

For another, I am also impressed with the security measure of this new Sony Ericsson Rachael phone. The upgraded security apps can shield my instagram account from being hacked easily.

I used to be the victim of Instagram accounts hack that cost of a few hundreds of IG accounts with pain. Although I have tried many different Instagram account hacker to retrieve my account, I mostly ended with the failure. Therefore, I realized how important a secured mobile phone is in term of protection of your IG account.

Anyway, I am expecting this new 2022 version of Sony Ericsson Mobile phone, as I can’t wait to use it with my current Instagram marketing campaign any longer.

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