Are ask me a question on Instagram anonymous?

Is Instagram typing something that can be done anonymously? No, Instagram has not introduced a sticker for anonymous requests.

Some Instagram users have been perplexed by a recent wave of articles soliciting questions from users and pledging anonymity to those that react.

Any of the posts also used Instagram’s sticker tool to ask users personal questions, such as “Who is your secret crush?”, leading to rumors that Instagram had rolled out a new sticker exclusively for anonymous questions.

However, such a function does not exist. “This is not an Instagram feature, and we have no plans to test anything like this,” a Facebook-owned social app spokesperson said.

Rather, some Instagram users are possibly experimenting with a “product hack” using text software and colours, according to the spokesperson.

Of course, the risk here is that consumers could be duped into answering personal questions under the guise of anonymity, just to have potentially embarrassing details made public.

To be sure, many people were not duped by the solicitations, according to Twitter posts, but some experienced users reported almost falling for the trick on Reddit, and some media outlets published explainer stories on how to get the latest “feature,” which isn’t really a feature.

How to Ask Instagram Anonymous Questions?

Many users were overjoyed because they believed Instagram had actually added anonymous posts. But, I’m sorry to break it to you, but this isn’t real.

The movement began on TikTok, where users began to insert text inside the standard question box that said something like “your answers will be anonymous.”

This makes it seem very genuine, and it’s no surprise that many people mistook it for a new feature. Unfortunately, it was just a TikTok prank, and several people were duped into answering questions they felt would be anonymous.

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