How to Download PNG images from Instagram 2021?

instagram to PNG

Instagram is a great media site that we all enjoy using to share visual content and explore new visual content from others. Instagram content, like all social media, can be brief and fast-moving, so learning how to download or archive images and updates is a very valuable skill to master. If you want to save … Read more

How to Use Instagram without Ads in 2021?

Since Instagram introduced advertisements a couple years ago, it’s been difficult to swipe through your feed without seeing regular posts attempting to offer you something. If you’re anything like me, they always make you do a double-take, leaving you wondering when you followed this or that random account, only to discover it’s some branded short … Read more

Why instagram videos are not playing?

Why instagram videos are not playing

The reasons behind your Instagram videos not playing can be as different as your device’s uses. They can be software-related, such as an issue with the Instagram app, or hardware-related, such as when you drop your smartphone. The below are the most important reasons. Your Wi-Fi or cellular access is insufficient to download Instagram images. … Read more

Are ask me a question on Instagram anonymous?

Is Instagram typing something that can be done anonymously? No, Instagram has not introduced a sticker for anonymous requests. Some Instagram users have been perplexed by a recent wave of articles soliciting questions from users and pledging anonymity to those that react. Any of the posts also used Instagram’s sticker tool to ask users personal … Read more

Instagram is NOT for Real Life

Instagram vs Reality While Instagram content is peer-generated and therefore has the potential to be useful, much of it is heavily staged and unreal. Many hours are spent coordinating lighting, getting the right perspective, taking several images, and adding filters or Photoshop in order to provide the best possible representation of themselves. As a result, … Read more

Instagram Vs TikTok Which One is More Popular?

Instagram vs TikTok

Since social media sites have been such an integral part of our lives, it is possible to forget that they have not always been at our fingertips. However, the rise of TikTok, a video-sharing service that is beginning to surpass Instagram in success, serves as a warning that the digital world is rapidly changing. Who … Read more