How to Use Instagram without Ads in 2021?

Since Instagram introduced advertisements a couple years ago, it’s been difficult to swipe through your feed without seeing regular posts attempting to offer you something.

If you’re anything like me, they always make you do a double-take, leaving you wondering when you followed this or that random account, only to discover it’s some branded short video trying to convince you to buy Slim Jims or sunglasses.

How to Use Instagram Without Ads?

Can you wish they’d all all vanish? This short and simple hack will do the trick.

Mashable first spotted the trick, and after checking it myself, I can affirm that it works. There are no promises that it will operate every time and on every unit, but it’s worth a shot. Here’s what you can do:

It just takes a few buttons, according to Mashable, and it runs on both Apple and Android operating systems. You’ve already heard about Instagram’s “reporting” feature. It’s the three little dots on the right side of your feed, next to the usernames. That’s the secret to a cleaner scrolling experience.

First, locate an advertisement. Then, press the three dots to open a menu of reasons why you don’t want to see the advertisement. You have a few options: If the commercial is irrelevant, you’ve seen it so many times, or it’s inappropriate.

Here’s how it works: You’ll be fine if you notify Instagram that the commercial is unacceptable (if you do so a couple times — perhaps the first time you’ve ever scrolled through looking for an ad on Insta). You’ll have to do something when you see advertisements. Reporting a few advertisements would not get you an ad-free feed. It’s a sly trick, but if you’ve been avoiding Instagram due to ad overload, this should have a brief respite.

A recent Mashable study praised it as the way to permanently delete advertisements from the feed; however, both apps update to follow and fix the behaviors of the app’s users. Unfortunately, paid advertising is still a feature of the Instagram experience…at least for the time being. It’s like a necessary evil. Social networking sites must generate revenue, as they achieve by supplying advertisers with advertisement space and access to their customers. We will continue to expect advertising unless we want to start paying a recurring subscription fee for social media.

Of course, this override is a little dubious, because in-feed advertising is critical to Instagram’s revenue model, and you’re basically misleading about why you want them gone. If that makes you feel worse, you might use “I see it so much” or “It’s irrelevant” as the excuse you want to cover the ad. This would not completely exclude supported texts, however you will see less of them and those that are more relevant to you.

There’s no guarantee Instagram won’t figure out this little snafu, so take advantage while it lasts.

Final Words

Meanwhile, it may be of little consolation, but I can attest that social media without advertising is a very different experience. Not only because there is less graphic noise competing for your attention (and your dollars), but because, as we all come to grips with the effects of deep consumer targeting, those targeted advertisements are the ideal, omnipresent reminder of what we’ve given up to communicate with our families and friends online: our privacy and democracy.

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