How to Download PNG images from Instagram 2021?

Instagram is a great media site that we all enjoy using to share visual content and explore new visual content from others. Instagram content, like all social media, can be brief and fast-moving, so learning how to download or archive images and updates is a very valuable skill to master.

If you want to save your own Instagram photo for safekeeping or to post it online, whether you want to import images from others, here is the full guide to saving Instagram images.

How to Save Instagram PNG Images to Your Devices

Instagram makes it easy to save images taken, filtered, and edited in the Instagram app to your phone’s photo gallery.

Launch the Instagram app and navigate to your profile by clicking the person-shaped icon at the bottom of the page.

When the menu appears as a pop-up, choose “Settings,” which is the first choice at the top of the list. Then choose the “Account” button, followed by the “Original Photos” option, which will appear if you’re using an iOS device. “Initial Posts” will be available to Android users.

The Instagram app now allows you to save your Instagram images automatically. Click the blue “Save Original Photos/Posts” button.

With this choice activated, any photo you post on Instagram is now saved to your phone’s photo archive.

How to Download Instagram Images Using a Browser on a Laptop

Instagram does not allow you to download other users’ images, either on a desktop browser or on an iOS or Android mobile device, due to very legitimate copyright concerns. However, there is a somewhat nefarious workaround that allows you to do so on a desktop browser. This should not be used for evil.

To import a picture from Instagram, open it in a new browser tab. (Note: If you’re trying to open the picture without being logged into your Instagram account, right-click on it and pick “Copy Link Address.”) Now, move your mouse or other input device next to the image and right-click it. You’ll see a menu appear. Choose “View page source.”

This will open the page source code in a new browser tab. Scroll down the code, or use your browser’s “Find” feature, before you reach the first.jpg page.

Only the URL text that appears between the two speech marks or quotation marks can be copied. Copy and paste this URL into a new browser tab. If the picture has loaded, you can right click and save it to your screen, much as you would a regular photograph from the internet.

This short guide should have shown you how to save your own Instagram images to your phone as well as save Instagram posts from your friends and other pages you follow. If you’re bookmarking an inspiring quotation or a handy advocacy guide to have on your phone for when you need it, making Pinterest-style mood boards for a mission, or simply saving a pretty image, you’ve now got the everything to know how to download Instagram images to PNG or jpg.

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