Why instagram videos are not playing?

The reasons behind your Instagram videos not playing can be as different as your device’s uses. They can be software-related, such as an issue with the Instagram app, or hardware-related, such as when you drop your smartphone. The below are the most important reasons.

Your Wi-Fi or cellular access is insufficient to download Instagram images. Your Instagram app’s data could be compromised as well, or you may be using an old version of the app.

The video you’re attempting to watch has been removed by the person who uploaded it.
Using your device’s power saver feature can also prohibit you from watching videos.

This problem will also occur if you are using an outdated version of the Instagram app that could contain compromised data. It may also be related to the network link, power saving mode/low power mode, the window extension, or the video itself. Insufficient available space to buffer the video material is often blamed for the Instagram videos replay bug.

If the problem persists, please come to verify the network link. Before you try to play games, make sure it’s solid and stable.

Another possibility is that you have your phone set to power saving mode. Instagram does not do well on this plan, so disable it before accessing the app.

Always use the most recent edition of Instagram, since a patch could be found in the next update.

Finally, clear the Instagram app’s cache. This ‘cleans’ the app which can make it run more smoothly.

How to Fix Instagram Video Not Playing Problem?

1. If you are experiencing Instagram not playing images, first restart your phone or tablet.

2. If restarting the smartphone does not resolve the Instagram video bug, uninstall and reinstall Instagram.

Touch and hold the Instagram app icon until it shakes from the Home screen on iPhone and iPad; tap x on the app to uninstall it and reinstall Instagram in the App store. Enter your username and password to gain access.

Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Instagram, tap Uninstall, and then reinstall it from the Google Play Store.

3. Check Instagram on WiFi and cell data connections to see if this is causing the Instagram videos not playing problem. Alternatively, go to Settings and change the network settings to see how it functions again.

4. Exit power saving mode and see whether you can play Instagram videos smoothly. Often your Instagram has a major video playing problem of a revolving circle and the video never loads or stops playing, except though you turn to the super quick house wifi. This can be attributed to the power-saving mode.

5. Delete all Instagram caches. Clear the caches and reopen the program if the above troubleshooting moves are ineffective and the Instagram videos still won’t play properly.

6. Take off the extension. As a result, Mac users started experiencing the Instagram videos pausing/stopping/freezing error after updating to the latest macOS version, even after emptying caches and deleting all history pieces.

To resolve the problem, one user advised going to Safari Preferences > Extensions > turning off all extensions > re-enabling them one by one.

7. Make more space for Instagram videos to buffer. Checking the available room on your computer is a good effort to get Instagram stories videos to play again without the stuck mistake.

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